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About Samuel Ogles

Enneagram Formation is written by Samuel Ogles. Sam is communicator and spiritual seeker who is also a certified Enneagram teacher and spiritual director. His mission is to empower others with deeper insight and a vision for change.

Sam has been working with the Enneagram since 2012, and he learned the Enneagram studying under Fr. Richard Rohr. He’s also received direct training in the Enneagram from Russ Hudson, Christopher Heuertz, Tom Condon, Linda Roberts, Michael Naylor, and Clare and Scott Loughrige. Sam is an alum of The Living School for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM, as well as Ruth Haley Barton’s Transforming Community in Wheaton, IL.

Sam has written for Christianity Today, Barna, Leadership Journal, The Practice, and more. He gives Enneagram workshops both near and far, and meets in-person or remotely (via Zoom) with individuals for spiritual direction. He co-founded and co-hosted the Ask a Spiritual Director podcast. His professional career spans editorial work, journalism, marketing, spiritual formation and finance. You can connect with Sam at his website:

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Centuries of wisdom, a modern lens, one powerful tool for your personal transformation.


Samuel Ogles

Communicator. Enneagram teacher and Spiritual Director. Student of contemplation. Searching for a better way.